“Why do you write?”

Writing lets me escape to be with the crazy places and people my mind creates. Most writers will tell you they have no choice. They just, “have to write or they will die!” That’s a bit dramatic. But, it’s for the most part true. Storytelling feeds the soul for writers.

“Where do you get your story ideas?”

Let me premise by stating, I’m okay with how my mind operates. Sometimes I will read something in an Archaeology magazine or see a documentary on the Discovery channel–mainly mysterious places/phenomena/people.  My mind starts racing.  How did it…?  Why would they…?  Then, the “what ifs” begin.  My conspiracy laden mind creates crazy (normally supernatural) alternatives to what is probably the mundane reality. Sometimes it can be a passing comment my kids say. Some traumatic happening at school can spark an entire novel idea.

“How long does it take you to write a book?”


I might write a first draft in a month or two, but it might take a year… or three to revise the work.  I don’t think I will ever be “finished” with my novels.  Ideas and revisions will pop into my head decades from now (unless of course in the future, the human race is suddenly rendered void of all language and writing.  What if only telepathic communication were possible? What if stories could only be projected from a storyteller’s mind to another mind.)  See, I can’t control it.

“How long have you been writing?”

I’ve always been a writer/storyteller. Most of what I’ve written are short stories. In 2011 I wrote my first novel.

“What should I do first if I want to start writing?”

Just start writing. Journaling is great. I have some great reference sites on my Links page.  I would also suggest finding a critique partner or group.  Find people that will give you honest feedback, even if it feels harsh.

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