Donna Matney, Author and Winner of the Zola award for best YA novel of 2011

Writer. Reader. Doctor of peepers. Eye doctor by day, writer by night—and early morning—and any breaks in between. She was the winner of the 2011 and 2015 Zola award for best YA writer given by

Zola award winner - Best YA 2011



Her Young Adult and Middle Grade books veer toward characters drawn into really crappy situations, often creepy and supernatural because, well…that’s just where her mind goes.

Donna was born and raised in central California among agriculture and oil fields.

Her veins are filled with coffee instead of blood and she won’t wear a dress unless it has pockets to store shells and rocks. The scar on her arm is either from a run in with a badger or a glass blowing class. She lives in Washington State with her husband and children, two dogs and a frog. There is a haunted forest behind her house. (The haunted part may or may not be true. She lies.)



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